about e-brain computer solutions

e-Brain Computer Solutions is a firm established for the purpose of providing IT Training, custom software application development, interactive website design and development, database design, Networking & Hardware, IT Support Services and office.

Our clientele comprises a diverse set of individuals, offices, small businesses and government offices.

Our technical specializations include HTML, CSS, Javascipt, C++, Visual Basic (classic and .NET), Microsoft SQL Server, MS-Access & Excel, MS-Office automation, ASP (classic and .NET), PHP & MySQL.

Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom desktop development in order to drive innovation, improve your business efficiency and reduce manual work costs.

We use all cutting-edge technologies and our extensive expertise to provide quality IT Training, consultancy, Networking & Hardware, custom software design, web development, hardware and software installation and maintenance services.

Whenever your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, build employee capacities, store data and information, provide comprehensive work flows and increase the quality of your business and services – feel free to contact e-Brain Computer Solutions for our custom software development services.